Как научиться делать красивые фотографии | How to learn to take beautiful photos

With the advent of social networks, an extremely huge number of photos taken with the cameras of modern smartphones, which literally each of us have, are uploaded to the Internet every day. However, the vast majority of these images are far from being considered at least beautiful. In the meantime, photographs today can be not only perfect and very expensive. The highest paid photographer in the world in recent years is Peter Lik, who specializes in landscape photography. Looking at the work of this photographer, it is quite easy to get inspired by a special peter lik style, since all his works are beautiful.

Photos in the style of Peter Lick

It is noteworthy that, according to the author, he did all his works on a trip to his native Australia, as well as across the territory of the United States of America. Peter Lick is attracted by nature and landscapes, where he finds truly unique shots. Every year, the photographer spends three months in the USA, and when asked what exactly he is looking for there, Peter replies that one «very specific photograph». Like any other talented artist, Lik is not particularly in a hurry to reveal his secrets, however, in some of his interviews you can find some practical advice.

How to take pictures in peter lik style

To obtain the ideal result, as close as possible to the pictures taken by professionals with SLR cameras, smartphone owners need to «make friends» with light and shadows, and also learn to darken the light areas in the photo. These skills will help you create the perfect natural landscape photography.

In order to separate the main subject from the surrounding landscape, it is necessary to learn how to use not only shadows, but also the vignette effect. This effect is to add darker borders around the perimeter of the image.

Try to sink as close to the surface of the ground as possible, if you want to make this or that object the main one in the photo. This trick will help you take interesting pictures even with smartphones whose cameras have a low depth of field.

Now you own some of Peter Lik’s tricks, which means that you will be able to take pictures with your smartphone in a unique peter lik style.